When a girl needs a gynecologist 

In our view, the gynecologist is the doctor that women need to visit. But life shows that the sense of consulting this doctor may appear in the child, long before the emergence of the adult problem, even if the girl has not yet entered the age of puberty. It is important to understand the parents and pay attention to details, caring for the child.

Why this is necessary

The natural sexual development of girls is dependent on the multitude of processes that are taking place at this time in the body. Unfavorable all possible effects of the internal and external environment can lead to the appearance of gynecological diseases in girls and girls.

When the condition is not diagnosed in time, they refuse to conduct appropriate treatment of gynecological pathology, serious reproductive system disorders occur. It can threaten infertility and the appearance of defective offspring in the future.

Beware of vulvitis and vulvovaginitis

These pathologies can be found in the child most often. Vulvovaginitis is commonly referred to as the inflammatory process in the area of the vagina and external genitalia. In some cases, small girls are diagnosed with fusion of the labia minora (a phenomenon of synechia), which can provoke difficulty urinating, the formation of secondary vulvovaginitis.

In adolescents who enter the puberty stage, one can meet:

  • amenorrhea with the absence of menstruation in girls of fifteen to sixteen years;
  • juvenile bleeding;
  • violation of the menstrual cycle.

When to hurry to the gynecologist

Contact your doctor:

  • if something is alarming in the structure of the genital organs of the girl;
  • when the sexual small lips are merged;
  • when vaginal discharge is not quite normal, color, odor;
  • at an itch, a burning sensation, a dyscomfort in a zone of external genitals;
  • if itching while urinating;
  • in the presence of warty formations in the area of the genitalia, which are a possible manifestation of papillomavirus infection, especially when there are similar manifestations in other places (in the presence of vulgar warts, molluscum contagiosum on the hands);
  • in the absence of menstruation after fifteen years;
  • in a situation where the menses for a year or a year and a half remain irregular, that is, the cycle time is less than twenty one or more thirty five days;
  • in the absence of menstruation more than a half or two months.

It is advisable to consult a doctor if the girl has to suffer from extremely painful menstruation. If the months are very abundant or last more than seven days, and, accompanied by a violation of the general state. It is reasonable to visit a doctor with excessive growth of hair on the face, legs, chest.

It is worthwhile to be alert if by the age of eleven or twelve years the mammary glands have not started to form, the girl lags noticeably in growth, the process of hair-giving with the apparent delay in sexual development is delayed. Fear also causes the early appearance of secondary sexual characteristics (before nine or ten years).

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