How to treat thrush: 7 facts that everyone should know

Thrush (or candidiasis) is caused by excessive growth of Candida albicans . Normally, this microorganism is present in the natural microflora of every healthy person, without causing discomfort. But, due to some provoking factors, Candida begins to multiply uncontrollably, which, in fact, causes the appearance of unpleasant symptoms: burning and dryness in the vagina, discomfort during urination, discharge of granular character.


Experts agree that there is no representative of the fair sex who would not ever face a thrush at least once in her life. True, in some cases this disease may not recur, and in others it repeats again and again. This is due to improper habits of intimate hygiene, constant stress, reduced immunity, promiscuous sexual intercourse and malnutrition.

To cure thrush and to protect yourself against a relapse of the disease, you should know the following facts about thrush.

Thrush is not sexually transmitted


Candidiasis for a long time does not apply to diseases that are sexually transmitted. In fact, the manifestation of this infection is considered a definite marker of the state of the immune system of a woman. Candidiasis does not just happen, the causes of thrush can be a change in time zones, a new diet plan, taking antibiotics, and even recently transferred ARVI. Sometimes it happens that after sexual contact symptoms of thrush are more pronounced. This is by no means connected with your partner. The fact is that from the existing thrush, the vaginal mucosa becomes inflamed and easily injured during intercourse. In addition to the usual symptoms of thrush (itching and dryness in the vagina, granular secretions without odor, discomfort during urination), this can cause painful sensations in the lower abdomen.

Thrush is asymptomatic


By the way, if you have never noticed the symptoms of thrush, it does not mean that you did not have it. Candidiasis is not always accompanied by the symptoms listed above. Often the disease is found on a routine examination. A woman may not be aware of the illness due to factors that may obscure the symptoms. For example, in chronic immunodeficiency, thrush can be asymptomatic.

Sometimes it is worthwhile to check for the thrush and partner


Is it worth it to treat a partner? Obviously, if the cause of the yeast infection is weakened immunity, then it is not necessary. If the candidiasis is combined with sexually transmitted infections, the man will also have to be treated.

Thrush develops on the background of other infections


Candidiasis can develop against a background of another urogenital infection, for example, one of those that is sexually transmitted. These include ureaplasmosis, chlamydia, trichomoniasis. The causative agents of these infections provoke inflammation in the vagina. Because of this, the normal pH of the intimate zone is disturbed.

Getting rid of candidiasis is almost impossible

Proceeding from the fact that the causes of the disease are quite diverse, it is unlikely that you can protect yourself from relapse forever. Many women often travel, change one diet after another, are under stress, suffer from various viral infections. Guarantees that the thrush never comes back. If after the treatment of candidiasis he returns, then you have been assigned the wrong course.

With a thrush, check the intestines


If you have thrush – it’s already a habit, of course, this should alert. Doctors in such cases recommend paying attention not only to the microflora of the vagina. It is important to find the root cause of bacterial growth, so it is worth investigating the intestinal microflora. Address to the gastroenterologist, he can tell, that not so with your food which leads to infringement of a microbiota of an intestine. All this will help to develop an individual treatment plan.

Cure thrush can be a single capsule

Yes, yes, you read it right. It is one and exactly the capsule, when it comes to the acute form. The intake of 1 Diflucane capsule, oral, will relieve the symptoms of thrush already in the first day, and after three you will completely forget that you had thrush. No vaginal ointments and suppositories that are not very comfortable to use. One capsule – and you are healthy again!

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